Complimentary Services

Roadside Recovery

Where a vehicle is unable to be driven away from an incident due to the damage sustained, or it is unsafe to do so, KinetiK Fleet has the ability to recover a stranded vehicle from the roadside – whatever type of vehicle it is.
KinetiK Fleet has relationships with some of the largest roadside recovery companies in the UK, including those capable of dealing with HGV and specialist vehicles. Many of our fleet customers rely upon us to recover their vehicles 24/7.
Our staff will direct the recovery agent as to the destination location to recover the vehicle – and we will store the vehicle in order to inspect and repair.

Engineering & Inspection and Salvage

Kinetik Fleet’s supply partner provides inspection and engineering services – approving inspections of damaged vehicles both physically at our approved repair network or using remote imaging and estimating software. The company has stringent timescales to process and approve estimates, which again reduces the cost of claims that are generated within the industry. Should our customer’s vehicle be deemed a total loss or uneconomic to repair, KinetiK Fleet will help dispose of the vehicle and recover its pre accident value funds on behalf of our client.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

KinetiK Fleet provides its clients an uninsured loss recovery service, where there has been additional losses incurred as a result of any accident. KinetiK Fleet acknowledges that this element of the service can be time-consuming and costly to pursue, however KinetiK Fleet will always put the interests of its clients first. KinetiK Fleet liaises with the client to ensure we have robust documentation in place for which to present to the Third Party Insurer. We will request interims payments to be made, should the Third Party Insurer require further time to investigate the claim.

Personal Injury

Customers can avail of the services of KinetiK’s personal injury partner, Irwin Mitchell, should they require medical and rehabilitation services.

Irwin Mitchell is one of the largest law firms in the UK, whose focus is to "to look after our clients’ interests positively, actively and professionally.” The firm’s dedicated team of lawyers deal specifically in car accident compensation claims, with an understanding of the issues that may affect the customer and their family following an accident.

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