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Vehicle Rental

KinetiK Fleet provides customers involved in a non-fault incident, mobility and repair services whilst their vehicle is off the road. KinetiK Fleet recovers the repair and hire costs (and other losses) incurred from the at-fault third party, or their Insurer.

KinetiK Fleet has a wide range of vehicles available through its rental supply partners, catering for the needs of all customers, wherever the vehicle is required around the UK. A like-for-like vehicle will be supplied, where the client has a need. Many of KinetiK Fleetā€™s customersā€?vehicles are mobile assets, and having the vehicle off the road is a cost to the business. It is therefore imperative that a vehicle appropriate for the work needs of the client is sourced for the duration that the vehicle is off the road for repairs.

KinetiK Fleet actively manages down the time a vehicle is in for repair; and quality is maintained - to ensure our customerā€™s vehicle is back on the road quickly and safely. By managing down the repair time, KinetiK Fleet is not inflating claims costs into the motor insurance market, for which it is passionate. Repairers in our network are PAS125 and vehicle manufacturer approved, which gives you comfort that the appropriate repair methodology will be used for the repair activity.

Call us now to see how we can work together to reduce claims costs for you and the motor insurance industry as a whole

Tel: 0845 606 4505

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