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About Our Company

KinetiK Fleet

KinetiK Fleet Limited is an accident management company that provides mobility to clients who have had an accident that is not their fault. Our speciality is dealing with UK fleets. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We are able to tailor our operational processes to meet our customers?needs ?we want to be an integral part of your business. We are also committed to driving down the costs of motor insurance claims in the UK, and as such work collaboratively with UK insurers, some of whom trust us sufficiently to recommend our services to their fleet customers; they know that the cost of any claim will be kept to a minimum and any claim will be dealt with effectively and speedily. Working with our supply chain, we can offer our clients a full end-to-end incident management solution ?from first notification of loss, to temporary hire and repair, to recovery of any financial outlay as a consequence of a road traffic accident. KinetiK Fleet can even provide a full motor claims solution at the first call, utlising your established and trusted supply chain if required.

Controlling Claims Costs

KinetiK Fleet is committed to reducing its overall cost of claims in the market ?we want to be a force for the good of the motor insurance market. We want to work collaboratively with Motor Insurers to provide an effect credit hire model that controls cost by:
  • Actively managing the time any damaged vehicle is off the road whilst being repaired
  • Coming to commercial agreements with Third Party Insurers to ensure the charge-out rate is well within the industry guidelines
  • Taking on credit hire claims that are only genuine ‘non fault?
  • Working with Third Party Insurers on protocols to deal with claims which are split liability ?including enabling the Third Party Insurer to take over the management of the captured claim; or the Third Party Insurer providing KinetiK Fleet to manage the claim under delegated authority from the Third Party Insurer
KinetiK Fleet has a desire to work with likeminded Motor Insurers for the good of the industry as a whole, who wish to remove inflated costs associated with motor claims. By working with Insurers, both parties can remove the frictional cost element, which in turn will lead to efficiency and effectiveness.

Markets We Serve


KinetiK is well placed to serve fleets who either already have an accident management programme in place but also require a non-fault solution; or who want a full event notification and claims management service that includes non-fault incident management.

KinetiK Fleet’s staff are well versed in dealing with claims on behalf of a fleet client, and will work with you to reduce the risk of accidents in the first place, as well as ensuring that any incident that does occur, is reported and dealt with quickly and effectively. No two clients are the same, and we can work with you to find the best incident reporting solution, and set parameters for how mobility and repairs are provided, as well as how we can report on our effectiveness in the services we have provided.

KinetiK Fleet understands how costly it can be to have a vehicle off the road ?and the hassle it brings. We will manage down the key-to-key time to ensure that your vehicle is back on the road and working for your business in the quickest and safest possible time.

KinetiK Fleet provides all types of replacement vehicles, including specialist and HGV. We will liaise with the at fault third party and their Insurer to take the burden of administration away from you as much as is possible, and recover any losses incurred as a result of a non-fault incident.

Insurance Brokers

Many insurance brokers are currently outsourcing their motor claims service. Using KinetiK Fleet, we believe Insurance Brokers should get involved in claims where they can add value to the customer.

We allow you to do so by working with you to set decision points where you get involved, with the aim being that 90%+ of claims are handled via KinetiK Fleet, and you deal with the claims you believe will make the difference for your client.

KinetiK Fleet offers both a full one-stop-shop solution for managing motor claims on behalf of motor insurance brokers; and a non-fault solution only, should that be your requirement. Communication with a customer can be white labelled (except where credit services are being provided, in which case the contract is with KinetiK Fleet), and KinetiK Fleet will act as an integral part of your business.

KinetiK Fleet can take first notification of loss on your behalf, and instruct the appropriate services required quickly and effectively. We can populate details of any new claims on your own system, and provide headline management information to enable you to better manage your customer portfolio in making decisions on cover.

KinetiK Fleet can also work with your account team to roll out the service, and be on hand for any queries that may arise. Again, we understand that each of your clients may also be very different in their requirements of a motor claims service.


Many of KinetiK Fleet’s existing customers have come on board through the incumbent Insurer or Insurance Broker recommending us to manage claims on its behalf. KinetiK Fleet has a reputation for dealing with more complex fleets, in particular commercial and specialist vehicles. The Insurer or broker will authorise KinetiK Fleet to deal with motor claims for a commercial client, and we will work with the client to:

  • Set up a process that best reflects the service it wishes to offer its staff or customers
  • Determine the best method for the accurate and speedy recording of any new road traffic incidents
  • Agree the services that KinetiK Fleet will provide ?and equally hand over other service elements where required
  • Allocate to an approved repairer and manage vehicle time down whilst it is off the road
  • Provide a suitable credit hire vehicle whilst the fleet vehicle is off the road as a result of a non-fault incident
  • Advise on ways in which accidents can be prevented in the first place

Call us now to see how we can work together to reduce claims costs for you and the motor insurance industry as a whole

Tel: 0845 606 4505

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